Dionysia Germeni was born on September  9, 1990 in Patras, Greece, where she grew up and still lives .


She has graduated from the Department of Interior Design of AKMI Institution in Patras .


She has attended the following seminars:


2009: A 15 hour-long seminar about Handmade Constructions at AKMI Institution.


2010-2011 : Seminars concerning decoration techniques , jewellery , clothing , constructions and painting at Anastasia Kasiadi's workshop.


2012-2014 : Seminars concerning decoration techniques, freehand drawing and painting at Anastasia Kasiadi's workshop.


2013-2014: Seminars concerning Mosaic Art at Anastasia Kasiadi's workshop.


2013-2014: Special Structures seminars based on "Decoupage" art at Anastasia Kasiadi's workshop.


At the same time, between 2012 and 2014, she created paintings on canvas by using acrylic and plastic colours.


As a startup artist,  she "captures" images by transforming them into paintings, using her very own special style .


In her projects the combination of vibrant colours of deep blue and thick lines is intetwined harmoniously with the romantic mood in human relations, the love for the sea, the sun, the brightness of summer, mainly because of her roots from Kefalonia, a beautiful Greek Island.


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